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Each diamond is a precision cut piece of crystal-clear ice adding high voltage glamour to any event.

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Venues and caterers all over London have been in awe of Icebox’s newest creation: ice diamonds, with demand increasing exponentially for the on-coming party season. Each diamond is a precision cut piece of crystal-clear ice adding high voltage glamour to any event.

Jason Collins-Down from Bubble Food said “We love innovative ideas, and the new ice diamonds are just fabulous!  As a luxury event caterer, we’re always looking for ideas to elevate the look and feel of our events and this is the perfect addition to our cocktail list giving that extra attention to detail.”

Icebox’s engineers have devised the diamond cutting machine meaning that it is the only ice company that can produce high quantities of them quickly as opposed to being individually hand cut. Turnout can be up to 1,000 a week.

Amy Edsell, sales and marketing manager of Icebox, said “Since the launch this summer when caterers received boxes of bespoke ice including the new diamonds, events have gone mad for them with sales going through the roof!”

Amy continued “it feels like people want to have some glamour and something special now, and creative organisers are pulling out all the stops.”

Ruth Lawton-Owen, managing director of The Admirable Crichton said “Icebox’s bespoke ice really does add that extra touch of style for drinks receptions and bars. The diamonds are a great invention, and we love the moonballs, shards and large cubes, they’re a great talking point for events”

Managing director of Icebox Greg Pittard said ““If you’re drinking premium spirits, you expect a stylish glass and ice to complete the experience. All our ice is high density, so it lasts up to 10 times longer than normal ice, with minimal dilution, it’s every barman’s ally.”

On receipt of his ice diamonds, Adam Lock, manager of the London City Distillery said, “You’ve made my day, this has just made everything so much better!”

The new diamond design is a stand-out luxury item adding glamour to any libation. It fits beautifully into a tumbler and looks stunning in a martini glass.

Premium bars and 5-star hotels in the Capital are also big fans including Ham Yard Hotel, The Connaught and Jerk Drum.

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