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The Miele PG8055 Speed gives away one of its key selling points in the title, and that’s speed.

Delivering a thorough clean in 9 minutes, the PG8055 is ideal for clubs, hotels, and schools as it can run up to 40 washes per day.

It’s also very spacious and can fit 200 plates in the lower basket alone. This allows lots of room in the rest of the machine for any other dishes.

Throw in how easy it is to use, with touch screen controls and 11 wash programs, and the Miele PG8055 Speed is a fantastic commercial dishwasher.


The Miele PG8059 Hygiene features 13 wash programmes and integrates a steam condenser to reduce build-up during each cycle.

It also disinfects items for 5 minutes at 83°C at the end of each wash. This makes it perfect for use in hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, and schools.

Extremely simple to clean thanks to its smooth and gap-free design, the PG8059 has an integrated water softener for a gentler wash.

The Miele PG8059 Hygiene has been endorsed by the WFK Institute for the level of hygiene and cleanliness it provides. It can handle any and all dishes to a very high standard, even mixed loads.

Get a quote on the Miele PG8059 Hygiene today.


Do you go through more glassware than dishes in your daily business operations? Maybe you own a club, pub, or bar that serves lots of drinks.

If so, then look no further than the Miele PG8164, front-loading commercial glasswasher.

Ideal for behind the counter use, the PG8164 has a 45-second wash cycle and a mind-blowing cleaning capacity of 1600 glasses per hour. With touch screen controls and a colour co-ordinated countdown, the PG8164 is also very easy to use.

It’s slim in design too, measuring in at 46cm wide. This means that it can snugly fit into tight spaces as a freestanding unit with a lid. It can also be built under the counter if required.


The Miele PG8058 Brilliant is absolutely brilliant and uses de-mineralised water to give you shining, stain-free glasses with every cycle.

It also has lots of nifty features, such as ‘Glassware Special’ and ‘Perfect GlassCare’. These take away the need for manual polishing, leaving you with consistently spotless glassware and cutlery.

The PG8058 boasts an incredibly quick 5-minute cycle and has Auto open and auto close door features to save you the effort. It also incorporates Miele’s unique fresh-water system and is extremely easy to clean on the inside and out.

This is in addition to simple-to-use, touch screen controls and 13 wash programmes to give you ultimate control.

Take a look at the Miele PG8058 Brilliant for more specifications and information.


An evolution of the Miele PG8165, The Miele PG8166 Tank Dishwasher is a front-loading dishwasher ideal for bistros, cafes, and restaurants.

It holds water at 65°C which means it’s always ready to use. And with 55-second wash cycles, the PG8166 has a mind-boggling cleaning capacity of 1188 dishes, or 66 baskets, per hour.

It also houses a selection of different baskets and insert options, including a large wash cabinet for pots, pans, and trays.

As well as integrated tanks for detergent and water softening, the PG8166 has touch-screen control with a colour countdown indicator. This makes it extremely easy to use as well as quick and efficient.

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