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Rational unveil major new product development called iCombi Pro

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Rational today whipped the covers off a major new product development called the iCombi Pro – dubbing it the most intelligent cooking platform it has ever produced.

The manufacturer, which has been promising a series of key launches over the coming weeks, said the model would offer 50% higher productivity, 10% shorter cooking time and 10% lower energy consumption compared to the predecessor model, while still guaranteeing outstanding uniformity, even at full loads.

R&D experts at the company’s German HQ have spent months perfecting the line, which delivers time and energy-optimised cooking as well as intervention in the cooking path to provide more flexibility in the kitchen.

“In these difficult times many catering establishments are required to operate differently, with more flexibility, more efficiency, more productivity and with more innovation than ever before, controlling and reducing costs, while still providing high quality food,” said Simon Lohse, managing director of Rational UK.

“Chefs therefore require flexible, simple and efficient support from intelligent functions such as those in the iCombi Pro.”

The cooking intelligence of the iCombi Pro is based on the Maillard reaction, the chemical formula for the browning reaction in food, which Rational has decrypted and translated into a software algorithm.

Together with sensors, which send actual data such as size, quantity and condition of the food product from the cooking cabinet, the iCombi Pro regulates the entire cooking path precisely and always with reproducible results.

If conditions such as the temperature of the food product or the duration of the door opening change, the iCookingSuite will intelligently adjust the cooking path.

Whatever is being cooked, and however much is being cooked, it will always be cooked as quickly as possible and in high quality, according to the brand.

Additional fan wheels, optimised cooking cabinet geometry and higher dehumidification performance enable up to 50% bigger loads and shorter cooking times compared to the previous model.

iDensityControl, the intelligent climate regulation, makes sure that it all works smoothly. Crusts, grill patterns and crispy coatings are guaranteed and the optimal cooking climate management means even delicate foods such as quiche will be a success.

Meanwhile, with the iProductionManager, entire production sequences, even with different foods, are regulated intelligently.

The user states whether they want to cook using the time or energy optimising system, or to a certain target time, and the iCombi Pro will take care of everything else.

It knows what can be cooked together and will show when a food product does not suite the cooking cabinet climate. This means more flexibility and planning reliability.

The product features an iCareSystem cleaning programme, which only needs 12 minutes for an ultra-fast interim clean. All cleaning programs only use phosphate-free cleaner tabs in half the quantity compared to the previous model.

WLAN is also integrated in the iCombi Pro providing a fast and simple connection to the Rational network ConnectedCooking and efficient management of kitchen processes.

“Due to its intelligence, the iCombi Pro responds just like an experienced chef,” said Mr Lohse. “It takes on routine tasks and provides freedom. This will sustainably change working methods in kitchens.”

The iCombi Pro is availables in various sizes, from the compact XS to the 20-2/1.

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